Foster your innovation strategy with a deep-dive into the world’s tech Hubs

Individuals and organizations need to appropriate the cultural and business changes that were born from the digital transformation. To do so, NUMA has developed a series of modules, events and trainings aimed at understanding, and taking advantage of the technological developments impacting us all. Our Learning Expeditions are the most comprehensive way of staying abreast of the latest innovation trends, connecting with the digital leaders of tomorrow and learning how to apply the new working methodologies which will foster your competitive advantage.


The world is changing fast, and you should too.

Economists and experts have long been discussing the deep transformation our society and economy are currently undergoing, that of the so-called ‘digital revolution’. We have all witnessed the emergence of new bits of sub-culture, new working methodologies, and most importantly, game-changing challengers in each industry who have used the digital economy to create smarter, more efficient business models.

Diminished barriers to entry in traditional industries, and an almost absolute lack of any for digital businesses, has led to increased competition and a need for organizations to explore new business segments and opportunities. For individuals, the automation of jobs and the new ways of working call for different skillsets and more flexibility. Change, and transformation, cannot be achieved without an understanding of the implications for people and businesses, and must be carefully planned and implemented.

Leverage the new economy through collaboration and dialogue: explore new ecosystems

Adapting to this change is complex, and might be scary. Breaking the traditional circle of thought and bringing stakeholders on common ground is NUMA’s expertise. We do this by demystifying the ‘tech’ world so dreaded by some, and fostering growth among startups, corporates, institutions and communities, through mutual dialogue and collaboration. This is necessary, whether organizations are laying the first brick of their digital transformation processes or elaborating a more mature strategy. What better way to engage in this conversation, and grow stronger ties with digital leaders, than visiting the ecosystems in which they evolve, with an experimented guide?

To answer this need, NUMA has designed and led Learning Expeditions across the world, for a vast typology of clients. An expedition is defined as an organized journey for a particular purpose. A group of individuals coming together with a plan, and looking to achieve specific goals. The idea of a learning expedition program “made with NUMA” came from our conviction, and personal experience, that many of the most valuable innovations were achieved through groundbreaking journeys in unexpected and unfamiliar spaces.

NUMA, a global innovation catalyst

For 17 years, NUMA has been supporting innovation, whether through small ventures or large-scale projects of digital transformation led by forward-thinking corporate leaders. A pioneer in the French digital economy, we have extended our operations on four continents and seven countries during the last few years: GermanyIndiaMexicoMoroccoRussiaSpain and the United States. These destinations are home to unique, vibrant tech ecosystems, comprised of thriving startups, investors, communities of interests, and even a few unicorns.

We have gained key insights into these markets, and developed a robust network of thought leaders and those daring to change the status quo, and are eager to share this insight with a wider audience.


We firmly believe that innovation is a matter of culture, and that any organization or individual can process change, and appropriate new ways of working or thinking, as long as the right mindset and methodologies are part of the equation. When participating in a learning expedition with NUMA, you can expect to not only discover and learn about innovative ecosystems, but also engage in a transformation process that will empower you and your team to take action.

To foster this transformation process, NUMA offers the support and insights of a team of innovation experts at each step of your journey. Beyond a learning journey, what we provide our clients with is a direct connection to industry players, an opportunity to learn in the field, and the tools and methodologies to apply the knowledge acquired to their daily business activities.

Each of our Learning Expeditions is an exploration journey, tailor-made based on our client’s objectives: meet the leaders who are developing tomorrow’s solutions, understand key drivers of digital transformation outside of your comfort zone, connect with the local key stakeholders and practice innovation methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, etc.).

Teamwork and open-mindedness are key for a successful journey

Each expedition is flexible, based on the team’s synergies during the journey itself. Unexpected ideas or projects can emerge from a visit, a meeting, or a workshop. We’re here to identify, capture and enhance the ideas sprouting in the minds of each participant, in order to share them with the rest of the team, and maximize their impact through collective intelligence.

From lesson to action

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle

Knowledge and mastery of a skill are best acquired by practice — something that we, at NUMA, are especially keen to teach our clients. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our approach to learning expeditions is shaped by this belief and includes workshops inspired by startup productivity methods. We have worked with Total Gas in Bengaluru, training company executives in India to the Design Thinking methodology — a user-centric, fast prototyping approach. Alongside a workshop on this topic, Total managers met inspiring entrepreneurs who shared their insights on the Energy industry. Subsequent to the learning expedition, several Total employees embarked on a 3-month intrapreneurship program with NUMA, adding another brick to the company’s innovation strategy.

Alongside the acquisition of a new skillset, an important part of the learning expedition is the insights that participants can gain from meeting technical experts in local Hubs. Another great illustration for that collision of worlds is the learning expedition undertaken by Bouygues Construction, with our Bengaluru team. Bouygues wanted to acculturate its teams to the concept of frugal innovation, a new model which is rooted into the principle of innovating under constraints and scarcity, and has been applied to the construction industry in India. NUMA Bengaluru shaped a 3-day program aimed at giving the Bouygues team a deep understanding and an experience on the field, along with a discovery of innovative prototype and innovation labs.


Depending on your strategic learning objectives, you can choose to spend between 1 and 5 days with NUMA, and integrate different dimensions to the expedition :

  • Step 1discovery (visits, meetings, networking) and experimentation (workshops, trainings)
  • Step 2debriefing (collective sessions and individual coaching) to validate your team’s learnings
  • Step 3: follow-up and team empowerment by identifying the potential for embarking in a full innovation program (agile prototyping, application of new methodologies to persistent challenges or ongoing projects)

Depending on your industry or theme focus, NUMA will work with you to organize a Learning Expedition either in a city in which we have an office or to other more relevant destinations, thanks to our global presence and partner network. We will ensure each experience provides you with a comprehensive program in accordance with your objectives, led by one or several NUMA guides. Previous clients have flown to New York to understand new ways of working and how to target millennials, while others have preferred a deep-dive into Barcelona’s main tech drivers and latest trends. Whatever your learning goal, we are happy — and honoured — to guide you in your innovation journey.

Are you ready to embark with us on this journey?

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