Internal Innovation

Foster Innovation for cultural transformation.
Developing an innovation mindset is a continuous process that integrates individuals’ potential to organizational and business goals. Innovation is a matter of culture, not technology: our programs help organizations focus on people.

Link supports innovation capabilities through initiatives that include upskilling, cultural transformation and building an intrapreneurial mindset shaped into workshops, trainings, expert talks and masterclasses. The goal is to help you make change happen faster with greater impact.

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Design Thinking

During this program, the participants will learn how to use the power of design thinking to create solutions for the future and build an innovation mindset.

This 1-3 days program is dedicated to the usage of key Design Thinking principles and concepts on a use case, in order to train participants in the practical understanding of Design Thinking and give them the means to apply it to their daily work.

Innovation Mindset

This half to 2-day session addresses innovation as a culture accessible to a diverse population of participants regardless of their functions and hierarchies.

Participants will experience this through active and interactive collective practices. The main objective is to enable them to understand that innovation is much more than a technological issue: it is a matter of culture and mindset.


A focused hands-on 1-2 day program for your teams on telling powerful stories that matter and channeling the power of stories to bring strategies to life and convey the message to stakeholders at all levels.

The participants will discover the tools to build empathy and understand their audience deeper to fine-tune their messages according to the recipients while creating constructive ownership in their teams.

Train the Trainer

Develop, through facilitation and coaching techniques, the ability to teach innovative methods and coach project teams.

We will provide the right tools to enable the participants in adopting these practices to their role and create the right working conditions. With elements of exercises, demo training, and hands-on practice, participants will give and receive real time feedback.

Leadership Training

Leading through example to encourage innovation throughout the organisation in complex and changing environments.

Through this 2-3 day immersive session, the participants will understand opportunities and positive externalities of innovation and learn about the “value of failures”. The participants will understand the realities of the ROI, Return on Innovation, and the value of cross-functional collective intelligence.

Training 50+ employees in Design thinking
and UX Prototyping to change mindsets

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Product Innovation

Design impactful products and services to fuel your business
The world has seen a massive evolution from the manufacturing era to the digital & services ecosystem. Product mediums and even consumption patterns are changing. It is imperative to ride this change as an opportunity for innovation.

Link supports teams and organizations to not only create new and innovative products, but to scale, pivot and expand existing offerings. We do this through supporting you in various phases of development such as conceptualization, prototyping, market validation, business modeling and product strategy.

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Intrapreneurship Program

Accelerate the achievement of your business goals & aid the digital transformation while infusing an entrepreneurial approach to innovation in your project teams using startup methodologies.

We will bring together world-class expertise to support your internal startups in building their products/services. This 3-4 month program will deep-dive into capability building and accelerating internal projects.

Product Bootcamp

Every product or service needs user research, product strategy, efficient roadmap planning and a clear vision. In this 3-5 days bootcamp, we work with product teams and take them through a process to validate ideas and create a clear path to success.

The bootcamp includes user centred design, user research, product strategy, UX, GTM and storytelling for a particular project. Fail fast, fail safe.

Rapid Prototyping

For any good idea to become successful, it is important to test fast with minimum resources and learn iteratively. Prototyping is a powerful tool that provides insights and a clear path to an effective product.

This is a focused session using Design thinking to understand the advantages and methods used in prototyping a product or service idea. Participants will create low fidelity prototypes.

Introducing agile and user-centric thinking into existing
processes and projects for a large automotive company

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Impactful program to engage with startups that are best suited to your goals focused on actionability and outcome.
Innovation happens in ecosystems or networks that go beyond traditional organizational boundaries. Today organizations know the importance of investing in innovation and collaborating with the external ecosystem of startups, partners and other stakeholders to create an impact. Our mission is to make this collaboration happen.

Link started it’s journey as a pure-player accelerator program to nurture the startup ecosystem in France and India. Over the years we’ve evolved into an innovation partner and engaged with startups, cities and corporations to foster innovation and solve global challenges. Through our programs which are strongly anchored on the principles of design thinking, we aim to give startups and corporate partners access to a global innovation market.

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Startup Program Design

Through this program, our goal is to create a robust structure to engage and collaborate with startups and align all the stakeholders for the success of the open innovation program.

We use design-led methodologies that capitalizes on the insights from the startup ecosystem and our expertise to work on the interface and form working cells between the startups and the corporate teams.

Startup Scouting

We identify, validate, and connect potential startups for collaboration or investments. We will use our expertise of working with startups over the past 20 years and our international network of partners to build a curated pipeline of startups for your needs.

With the list of scouted startups and their details like business, team, funding, scalability etc. we will provide you with key insights from your ecosystem.

Selection Bootcamp

As opposed to the traditional pitch session, Link organises a 1-2 day bootcamp to select the right startup based on the fit and the alignment with the organisational needs.

Our goal is to help the startups build a customised pitch relevant to the organization after deep-diving with your internal teams into the challenges, focus areas, discussing pain points and understanding the objectives.

Learning Expedition

Program to discover the uniqueness of Indian ecosystem and the latest trends through curated meetings and networking with key players, visits to India’s leading innovation hubs, and focused workshops.

Our original and tailor-made programs get the participants out of their comfort zones to help them challenge their industry and learn how to adapt new models to their existing landscape.


This 7-8 month open innovation program brings together large corporates and startups to develop innovative solutions to the urban challenges faced by Government bodies, public agencies, using data.

Datacity commits to build with you viable, replicable and scalable businesses through a proven methodology and concrete experiments on a field of the city with the local ecosystem.

Corporate Startup Program

We support corporates in designing, and implementing startup programs to achieve actionable outcomes. We bring world-class expertise to support the startups in building the POCs in collaboration with your teams using agile frameworks.

Our approach at the heart of our DNA is based on 20+ years of building the French, Indian and other emerging tech ecosystems of entrepreneurs globally.


Enabling collaboration with the universities leveraging our community.

The hackathon is designed based on the needs of the organisation. We set up the landing page, our white-labelled application portal, define an outreach plan & content creation for promotions. The hackathon is promoted across specific communities of startups, internal teams, universities to encourage idea submissions.

An aeronautical accelerator in India
to stay ahead of the game

Case Studies