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Re-imagine Innovation with Rolls-Royce: launch of Rolls-Royce Startup Accelerator

Corporates and startups are often put on extreme polarities when it comes to ways of working, hierarchies, resource utilisation and business potential. In reality, these worlds are merging at a fast pace. This owes to the fact that there is a growing interdependence between the two sides. Knowledge exchange is the need of the hour and there is a phenomenal release of innovation energy creating fruitful interactions when this collaboration happens.

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Applications of smart data solutions on Waste & Water Management are abundant but work needs to be done

There can be few bigger influences on our national life and prosperity than the effectiveness of water and wastewater management services. Water utilities are progressively faced with the ongoing challenge of doing more with less against a backdrop of powerful regulatory forces, ageing assets, and little interaction with the end consumer. The focus on accurate, relevant, timely information and greater stickiness with the customer is of paramount importance.

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Foster your innovation strategy with a deep-dive into the world’s tech Hubs

Individuals and organizations need to appropriate the cultural and business changes that were born from the digital transformation. To do so, NUMA has developed a series of modules, events and trainings aimed at understanding, and taking advantage of the technological developments impacting us all. Our Learning Expeditions are the most comprehensive way of staying abreast of the latest innovation trends, connecting with the digital leaders of tomorrow and learning how to apply the new working methodologies which will foster your competitive advantage.

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Pitch your startup in 30 Seconds

In the past few months, I have met many entrepreneurs and startups so passionate about what they are doing, I could feel it. When it comes to explaining what they are up to however, it’s another story — from entrepreneurs who take ten minutes to share their ideas, to startuppers who don’t even share the name of their startups. Ultimately, the worst would be if your audience just doesn’t get what you are doing. It’s really simple to make something complicated, but very complicated to make something simple.

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How to make a kick-ass pitch?

As a startuper or entrepreneur, you may be familiar with this concept more than anyone else, though it’s quite another thing to explain it to people. At NUMA, we have seen so many entrepreneurs driven by their ideas but failed at the exercise of pitching. Therefore we thought we would share a couple of tips we learnt over the years while listening to startup pitches to make a kick-ass pitch.

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How to find the right co-founder?

Finding the right co-founder is a struggle for many startup founders. It’s hard to find someone that fits with your project, with you and the problem you are solving. At NUMA, we receive emails every week with the same question: I don’t have co-founder, how can I find one? There are no perfect solutions for solving this problem, but there are processes to build a successful partnership. When you’re looking for a co-founder, you’re looking for someone that will share your daily life, same as the person you’ll marry. So keep in mind that you would not find them in one day.This business marriage is based on a long term relation built on trust and shared experiences.

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