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How we assisted a prominent jewellery brand in India to enhance customer experience by streamlining billing processes and reducing turnaround time.

Read how we used service design to identify blocks in the user journey related to lengthy billing time and in-store shopping experience of jewellery buyers. Using a combination of in store observations, industry benchmarking, service blueprinting and customer interviews, the Link team provided recommendations to address the wait time.

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How we developed an acceleration program involving internal teams for India’s largest food and beverage company.

Read how we empowered their internal team members to get to a deep understanding of consumer pain points, identify winning entry points, design a differentiated concept & test the prototype with real consumers using growth hacking techniques.

Know more about how our service designers helped the team validate the business opportunity, create a product roadmap and eventually a go-to-market blueprint for their teams to implement.

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How we supported a multinational energy and petroleum company to promote a culture of customer centricity across various functions.

Link worked with their innovation team to design multi-touchpoint innovation days focused on customer centricity. Read our case study on how we designed and facilitated a series of mailer campaigns, quizzes, ‘catalyst’ webinars, masterclasses as well as visits to innovative cutting edge companies for their employees.

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How we empowered high-potential executives at a Swiss manufacturer of escalators, moving walkways, and elevators to leverage design thinking methodologies in crafting innovative products and services.

Read our case study on how internal teams of this elevator manufacturing company utilised design thinking frameworks to first identify the right problem and then ideated on reimagining user experience in a vertical elevator within residential buildings and luxury hotels.

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How we guided Indian employees of an American pharmaceutical company to adopt the practice of identifying precise problem statements before delving into solution mode.

Link enabled teams working in areas such as patient data analytics, health literacy and drug trials to identify the right problem statements followed by ideation rooted in innovative technologies such as digital twin, remote monitoring using robots and intuitive AI dashboards. Read our case study that captures this 2 day workshop and its outcomes.

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How we developed and delivered workshops focused on transforming the postures and practices of over 100 managers of a French automotive interiors multinational.

Read how Link helped the team build strategies to deploy innovation at scale by tackling areas such as exploiting existing resources, reducing talent attrition by keeping employees engaged, identifying new business opportunities and increasing recognition for the India team within the group.

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